Basic information

Pretty formulaZr2CoSi2
Full formulaZr4Co2Si4
TagsCobalt zirconium silicide (1/2/2);
Zirconium cobalt silicide (2/1/2)
Constituent elementsCo; Si; Zr;
Number of elements3
Number of sites10
Volume161.33213 Å3
Density6.12522 g/cm3
Source Materials Project

Space group

Spacegroup Number12
Hermann MauguinC2/m
Hall-C 2y
Crystal SystemMonoclinic

Lattice Parameters

a3.896 Å b5.342 Å c8.561 Å
α82.474° β76.848° γ68.615°

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Calculated Energies

Total energyEnergy per atomFormation energy per atomBand gapTotal magnetizationEnergy above hull
-79.05934 eV -7.90593 eV -0.89420 eV 0.00000 eV 0.00000 eV 0.00000 eV