Basic information

Pretty formulaPr(SiCu)2
Full formulaPr1Si2Cu2
TagsCopper praseodymium silicide (2/1/2);
Praseodymium copper silicide (1/2/2);
Copper praseodymim silici
Constituent elementsCu; Pr; Si;
Number of elements3
Number of sites5
Volume83.75159 Å3
Density6.42732 g/cm3
Source Materials Project

Space group

Spacegroup Number139
Hermann MauguinI4/mmm
Hall-I 4 2
Crystal SystemTetragonal

Lattice Parameters

a4.091 Å b4.091 Å c5.780 Å
α110.728° β110.728° γ90.000°

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Calculated Energies

Total energyEnergy per atomFormation energy per atomBand gapTotal magnetizationEnergy above hull
-26.74638 eV -5.34928 eV -0.58392 eV 0.00000 eV 0.00000 eV 0.00000 eV